Information Management Systems & Smart Services

CAP provides innovative cutting edge Information Management Systems and Smart solutions, providing reliable source for strategic decision support, answers to vital questions through integrated state of the art Information Technology solutions made to deliver a clear view of all the information needed to make the right decision at the right time achieving efficiency and excellence at every step of the ways.

At CAP, we offer technical solutions that study the problem from the root and provide necessary solutions using state-of-the-art digital technology in a way that suits the society. We do not import solutions from outside; rather we address customer needs using best technical solutions and national expertise to understand the problem and solve it right.
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Areas of Work
With a consulting team of professionals who are experts in the technical, technological and administrative fields, the Information Technology (IT) segment of CAP offers leading services based on international best practices and extensive experiences in technical solutions. We help government organizations and private sectors to identify and analyze their problems and address them by providing proper solutions. We facilitate in developing our clients’ business and services further by saving their time, money and efforts, resulting in enhanced service quality and increased customer satisfaction. IT Segments include:

  • Developing Enterprise portals
  • Developing and operating system
  • Development Government eServices and Smart Applications
  • Building an operational business model and determining the objectivesDeveloping Permitting and Enforcement Management System
  • Linking government authorities
  • Establishing technical infrastructure
  • Developing GPS & GIS System

CAP is a global leader in developing innovative GIS & GPS Solutions to serve different Industries, with unparalleled experience in the Local UAE and GCC market. With German Engineering at its heart, Integrating, enhancing and adopting different leading-edge technologies providing 24 hours, 7 days a week all weather year round GIS and GPS information systems. Our systems combines GPS & GIS tracking systems with cutting edge monitoring systems incorporating well proven German Engineered hardware and local experience to set-up the ultimate solution in GIS & GPS to help resolve some of the most challenging issues facing our region.